September/October 1989

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Cover: The restoration of Griffith’s Intolerance by Miriam Hensen

Features: Norman Jewison’s In Country by Jay Scott

Chabrol’s Story of Women by Marcia Pally

Laurence Olivier by Richard Schickel

Steel Magnolias by Karen Jaehne

A Dry White Season and an interview with Euzhan Palcy by Marlaine Glicksman

Advertisement and Product Placement for Teenagers by Lois P. Sheinfeld

Australian Cinema by Harlan Kennedy

Midsection – Hollywood Cinematographers: The Pantheon of Cinematographers by Todd McCarthy

Vittorio Storaro interviewed by Carol Rutter

Sven Nykvist interviewed by Armond White

The Aesthetics of Cinematography by Armond White

Journals: Jean-Jacques Annaud’s The Bear by Anne Thompson

The Big Picture by Gavin Smith

Shocker and Wes Craven by Marc Mancini

Books: Robert Altman: Jumping Off the Cliff by Patrick McGilligan, reviewed by Andrew Sarris

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