September/October 1985

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Cover: The making of Kurosawa’s Ran by Peter Grilli

Features: Frank Segers on Paul Schrader’s Mishima

Marcia Pally appreciates Fonda & Streep

David Hare interviewed by Steve Lawson

J. Hoberman on The Honeymooners

The anthology series returns to TV by Elvis Mitchell

Jim Veniere reports on the making of Stripper

Wayne Wang interviewed by David Thomson

Midsection- A Separate Cinema: Oscar Micheaux and ‘race film’ stars by Donald Bogle

Armond White on the struggle of black films and filmmakers

Plus: Ten color pages of posters with commentary on early black films

Journals: The Tsukuba World’s Fair by Marc Mancini; The Opera behind Prizzi’s Honor by Michael Walsh; Mary Corliss at Cannes; Harlan Kennedy at the Taormina Film Festival

Video: Censorship and home video erotica by Lois P. Sheinfeld

Pensees: Silverado by Richard T. Jameson

Letters: Producer Manuel Arce responds to G. Cabrera Infante’s portrait of Cuban filmmakers

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