November/December 1991

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Cover: Martha Coolidge and Rambing Rose by Robert Horton

Features: Claude Chabrol and Madame Bovary by Donald Chase

Uncle Moses and the Yiddish sound film by J. Hoberman

Films as Spritual Life and Diary of Country Priest by Philip Lopate

The ‘Unreliable Narrator’ in Citizen Kane by Peter Hogue

Against Dances With Wolves by Wayne Michael Sarf

Marcel Carne interviewed by Brian Stonehill

Borzage’s Lucky Star by Scott Eyman

The Wages of Fear by Dale Thomajan

On the Set of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me by Greg Olson

Festivals: Venice by Harlan Kennedy; Toronto by Kathleen Murphy, David Chute; New York by Robert Horton, Donald Lyons, Nicholas Nicastro

Life With Video: Time Machines by Frank Thompson; Protected to Death by Gregory Luce

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