November/December 1989

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Cover: Michael Moore’s Roger & Me by Harlan Jacobson

Features: Film Industry in the Eighties by Gregg Kilday

Memorable Films of the Eighties by Greil Marcus

Woody Allen’s Crimes and Misdemeanors by Marcia Pally

Atom Egoyan’s Speaking Parts by Amy Taubin

Prince’s Batdance and Partyman by Armond White

Midsection – Character Actors: What is a ‘Character Actor’ by David Thomson

A Character Actor’s Career by Beverly Walker

Jeff Corey, acting mentor interviewed by Pat McGilligan

Brad Dourif, acting mentor interviewed by Marlaine Glicksman

William Hickey, acting mentor interviewed by Gavin Smith

Acting Teachers by Len Klady

Celebrating the ‘Celebactor’ by Jack Barth

Journals: Kenneth Branagh’s Henry V by Graham Fuller

Chatting with Cary Grant by Everett Mattlin

Festivals: New York by Lisa Katzman; Toronto by David Chute; Venice by Harlan Kennedy

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