May/June 1989

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Cover: Miss Firecracker and interviews with Beth Henley, writer, and Holly Hunter, actress by Karen Jaehne

Features: Schatzberg and Pinter’s Reunion and an interview with Harold Pinter by Michel Ciment

Gyula Gazdag interviewed by J. Hoberman

Ashik Kerib and an interview with Sergei Parajanov by Anne Williamson

Alexander Sokurov by Amos Vogel

MoMA’s Carl Th. Dreyer Retrospective by Armond White

Field of Dreams by Harlan Jacobson

Midsection – John Cassavetes, 1929-1989: In Retrospect by Raymond Carney

Opening Night by Lisa Katzman

Gena Rowlands by Beverly Walker

Cassavetes the Actor by Gavin Smith

Ben Gazzara interviewed by Gavin Smith

Remembering John by Len Klady

Journals: The Rainbow and Ken Russell by Graham Fuller

Avi Timmel on Restoring Classical Films by Morton Feintisch-Ng

Festivals: New Directors/New Films by Armond White and Karen Jaehne

TV: Oprah’s The Women of Brewster Place by Marlaine Glicksman


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