May/June 1988

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Cover: Wings of Desire and an interview with Wim Wenders by Karen Jaehne

Features: Elia Kazan by Pat McGilligan

Lana Turner by David Thomson

George Harrison interviewed by Elaine Dutka

Alexandr Askoldov’s Commissar by Anne Williamson and William Wolf

Midsection – Hong Kong: An overview by John Powers

Jackie Chan by Dave Kehr

Chow Yun Fat by Michael Singer

Tsui Hark and Nansun Shui interviewed by Pat Aufderheide

Ghost Genre by David Edelstein

Honk Kong’s Film Industry by Paul Fonoroff

Journals: Nestor Almendros’ Nobody Listened by Elliott Stein

Festivals: New Directors/New Films by Armond White; Berlinale by Harlan Jacobson and Amos Vogel; San Francisco by Pat Aufderheide

TV: Robert Altman’s Tanner ’88 by Richard T. Jameson

Soundtracks: Aria by Michael Walsh

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