May/June 1986

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Cover: Woody Allen reconsidered by Richard Zoglin: Marshall Brickman interviewed by Dan Yakir

Features: Film ratings- Censorship and the MPAA by Lois P Sheinfeld

Latin Cinema- Carlos Fuentes talks to Claudia Dreifus; Elliott Stein at festivals in Miami and Guadalajara and on Jaime Humberto Hermosillo; George De Stefano on Eloy de la Iglesia

Elizabeth Taylor by Austin Pendleton

Independent productions finding mainstream success by Beverly Walker and Leonard Klady

Hungarian Film Culture by J. Hoberman

Midsection - Bogart: Richard Schickel on Bogie

Journals: Stephen King & The Berlin Film Festival by Stephen Schaefer

Books: Russell Merritt on Howard Mandelbaum and Eric Myers’s Screen Deco: A Celebration of High Style in Hollywood; Enrique Fernandez on Michael Chanan’s The Cuban Image and Peter Besas’s Behind the Spanish Lens

Letters: At Close Range producer Elliott Lewitt on the film’s true auteur

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