March/April 2003

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Cover: Susan Sarandon by Alissa Quart

Features: The Son by Phillip Lopate
Aki Kaurismäki by Jonathan Romney
Todd Haynes vs. Douglas Sirk by James Harvey
James Fotopoulos by Edward E. Crouse
Jia Zhangke interviewed by Michael Berry

28th annual Grosses Gloss by Jeffrey Spaulding

Readers’ Poll Best Films of 2002

Frameup: Paul Schneider by Mark Olsen

Guilty Pleasures by Janeane Garofalo

Distributor Wanted: Alex De La Iglesia’s Perdita Durango by Chris Chang

Obit: Maurice Pialat by Frédéric Bonnaud

Storyboard: The Frozen Archive by Paul Allman

Sound & Vision: James Bond soundtracks by John Caps & Oliver Boberg by Chris Chang

First Look: Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Bright Future by Shigehiko Hasumi

Discovery: Turkish director Zeki Demirkubuz by Olaf Möller

Festivals: Sundance by Amy Taubin, Gavin Smith and Rachel Rosen

Screenings: The Secret Lives of Dentists by F.X. Feeney, Lilya 4-Ever by Kristin M. Jones, Stevie by Alice Lovejoy, Chihwaseon by David James plus Chris Chang on Irréversible, Confidence, The Life of David Gale, Lawless Heart, The Guys, The Good Thief, XX/YY, A Mighty Wind & Laurel Canyon

Home Movies: James L. Brooks’s I’ll Do Anything by Gavin Smith

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