March/April 1989

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Cover: Bette Davis by Richard Schickel

Features: Patrick Duncan’s 84 Charlie MoPic by Karen Jaehne

Academy Awards 1989 by Howard A. Rodman

Tom Hanks by Beverly Walker

Scandal by Graham Fuller

John Hurt interviewed by Gavin Smith

Roland Gift by Marlaine Glicksman

Midsection – Film and Other Arts: Architecture and Film by Marlaine Glicksman

Music and Film by Armond White

Multimedia art and an interview with Robert Longo by Marlaine Glicksman

Dance and Film by Bob Morris

Photography and Film by Rick Woodward

Journals: Charlie Chaplin remembered by Chuck Jones

Slaves of New York by Marsha McCreadie

Books: Goldwyn: A Biography by A. Scott Berg, and The Search for Sam Goldwyn: A Biography by Carol Easton, reviewed by Andrew Sarris

Orbits: Richard Roud by Richard Corliss

Letters: Roger Ebert and Armond White thumb wrestle

14th Annual Grosses Gloss by Anne Thompson

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