Summer 1972

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Paris by Jonathan Rosenbaum 

Stockholm by Peter Cowie 

Los Angeles by Stephen Farber


Elia Kazan's America, America by Estelle Changas

Visiting Kazan: An interview by Charles Silver and Joel Zucker

All Talking! All Singing! All Lubitsch! Ernst Lubitsch in the Thirties—part 2 by Andrew Sarris

Penelope Gilliatt: An interview by James Childs

Special Supplement: 75 cinematographer filmographies, introduced by Richard Koszarski


Passion, Death and Testament: Carl Dreyer's Jesus Film by David Bordwell

The Shadow Worlds of Jacques Tourneur by Robin Wood

Film Favorites: Michael McKegney on Imitation of Life

Critics: Frank S. Nugent by Bruce Henstell

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