July/August 1989

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Cover: America’s New Wave: Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing; Jim Jarmusch’s Mystery Train; sex, lies, and videotape and an interview with Steven Soderbergh by Harlan Jacobson

Features: David Hockney by David Thomson

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade by Armond White

Brian De Palma’s Casualties of War by Gavin Smith

Midsection – Turner Network Television by Richard Jameson and Richard Corliss

Journals: Traci Lords in John Waters’ Cry-Baby by RJ Smith

The Little Thief, Truffaut’s last film by Marcia Pally

Festivals: Cannes by Mary Corliss and Harlan Jacobson

Industry: Miramax and the Weinstein Brothers by Anne Thompson

Orbits: Sergio Leone by Bernardo Bertolucci

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