July/August 1986

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Cover: L.M. Kit Carson with Tobe Hooper and script excerpts from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

Features: James Cagney by Pat McGilligan

F.C. centerfold Dr. Ruth interviewed by Marcia Pally

Midsection — That’s Exploitation: David F. Friedman interviewed by David Chute

Sexploitation by Jimmy McDonough

The Girls in Gangs Genre by Mike Wilkins

Press Releases from the Twilght Zone

Guilty Pleasures: Joe Bob Briggs

Journals: Robert Seidenberg on Sid and Sid and Nancy

Harlan Kennedy recounts on set experiences from Alien

Robots in Current Cinema by Stephen Schaefer

Jim Abrahams and David Zucker interviewed by Jack Barth

Industry: Troma by Bill Landis

Books: Richard Gehr on Incredibly Strange Films

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