July/August 1983

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Cover: Alec Guinness Profiled by Harlan Kennedy

Features: MTV by Richard Corliss, J. Hoberman, Richard Gehr, David Ehrenstein, Arlene Zeichner, Elliot Schulman, Mary Billard

The Big Fix by David Thomson

Iran: Cinema in Flames by John Motavalli


Cannes by Mary Corliss; New York by Enrique Fernandez

Jean-Jacques Beineix by Dan Yakir

John Waters’ Guilty Pleasures

Dan O’Bannon’s Thunder by Marc Mancini

Edgar G. Ulmer by Bill Krohn

Dan Yakir interviews Diane Kurys and Miou-Miou

Books: David Thomson on Irene Selznick’s The Private View, Carrie Rickey on Marsha McCreadie’s Women on Film: The Critical Eye

Independents: Philippe Garrel’s L’enfant secret by Amos Vogel

People We Like: Richard Farnsworth by David Thomson

Back Page: Margareta Akermark by Joanne Koch

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