July/August 1981

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Cover: Raiders of the Lost Ark; Steven Spielberg by Veronica Geng, and George Lucas interviewed by Mitch Tuchman and Anne Thompson

Features: Ivan Passer and Cutter's Way by Richard T. Jameson, and Passer interviewed by Joe Leydon

Movie endings by David Thomson

Special-effects artist Tom Savini by David Chute

Indian film by Elliot Stein

Ed Pincus's Diaries (1971-1976) by Stephen Schiff

Guilty Pleasures by Michael Powell

Berlin's International Forum of Young Film by Amos Vogel

Midsection — Jews on screen: An overview by Carlos Clarens

Yiddish-language films by J. Hoberman

Jews in silent films by Lester Friedman

Obit: Raoul Walsh by Roger McNiven

Journals: Los Angeles by David Chute

Berlin by Harlan Kennedy

New York by Tom Allen

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