January/February 2007

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Cover Story: Children of Men by Jonathan Romney

Letters from Iwo Jima & Flags of Our Fathers by Kent Jones
Jackie Earle Haley by Thomas Beller
Guillermo Del Toro by Michael Atkinson
Inland Empire & Southland Tales by Amy Taubin
Claude Chabrol by Richard Combs

Olaf's World: Cine Fantom and post-Soviet Cinema

Encore: Frank Perry's Play It As It Lays by Melissa Anderson

Final Cut 2006
20 Best Films of the Year poll/10 Best Lists/Movies That Mattered/Terra Incognita/Amy Taubin on When the Levees Broke

Sound & Vision: Jack Nitzsche by Ed Ward & Christian Jankowski by Chris Chang

Art of the Real: Short docs by Paul Arthur

Brief Encounters: Ken Loach

Festivals: Vancouver by Chuck Stephens & Turin by Nicholas Rapold

Screenings: Bamako by Elisabeth Lequeret, The Lives of Others by Harlan Jacobson, Black Snake Moan by Nathan Lee, and Avenue Montaigne by Amy Taubin

Readings: Mighty Mite by Robert Horton

Home Movies: Shoot Shoot Shoot: British Avant-Garde Film of the 1960s & 1970s, The U.S. vs. John Lennon, Hitchcock Box Set, Room 666, Sir! No Sir!, Pandora's Box, The Prestige, The Shield Season 5

Distributor Wanted: Summer Palace by Chris Chang

Guy Maddin's Jolly Corner: The Locket

Flashback: The Glass Key by Alex Cox

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