January/February 1989

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Cover: Torch Song Trilogy and an interview with Harvey Fierstein by Jay Scott

3rd Gay and Lesbian Film Festival by Harlan Kennedy

Features: Two scenes from Truffaut’s last script, The Little Thief by Annette Insdorf

Little Vera and Soviet Cinema by Anne Williamson

Talk Radio by Richard Corliss

Midsection – Predicting the 90s: The Fate of the Auteur by Beverly Walker

The Fate of the Actor by Gavin Smith

The Fate of Film Reviewers by Armond White

The Fate of Indie Films by Jon Jost

The Fate of Love-stories by Karen Jaehne

The Fate of Film Comment by Jack Barth

New Faces by Lawrence O’Toole

Oscar Predictions by Anne Thompson

1988 in Film by Richard Corliss and Stephen Harvey

Journals: Nicaraguan Cinema by Graham Fuller

Caribbean films at the San Juan Film Festival by Laurence Kardish

TV: Manhunt by Amy Taubin

Books: Fast Fade: David Putnam, Columbia Pictures, and the Battle for Hollywood by Andrew Yule, reviewed by Gregg Kilday

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