January/February 1983

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Cover: Gandhi by John Kenneth Galbraith and Joan Goodman

Features: Plays on TV by Richard Corliss

E.T. by Richard T. Jameson

Oscar nominatioin predictions by Anne Thompson

New faces of 1982 by David Chute

Best films of 1982

Photographyer Jacob Holdt interviewed by Mitch Tuchman

Gangster and western novelist W.R. Burnett interviewed by Ken Mat and Pat McGilligan

Midsection: Video arcades by Mike Moore

How to read a videogame by Richard Gehr

Hollywood and videogames by Sue Adamo

Videogames reviewed by Harlan Jacobson

Movies at world’s fairs by Marc Mancini

Films of the aftermath of Hiroshima by Amos Vogel

Journals: Toronto by David Chute

TV: Wagner’s Ring cycle on PBS by John Engstrom

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