Digital Anthology: Jean-Luc Godard


Collecting everything FILM COMMENT magazine has published about Jean-Luc Godard since 1962, this 100-plus-page anthology includes pieces by Robin Wood, Jonathan Rosenbaum, Gilbert Adair, Raymond Durgnat, Amy Taubin, Kent Jones, and many more. In addition to analyses of his films, soundtracks, commercials, and installations, it also features multiple extensive interviews with the auteur himself.

From Summer 1965: three films from Paris, including Une Femme Mariée by Frederick Wellington

From Fall 1971: Wind From the East by Joan Mellen

From March/April 1973: Jerry Lewis and Frank Tashlin's influence on Godard by Jonathan Rosenbaum

From May/June 1974: Tout Va Bien by Steven Simmons

From July/August 1975: Robin Wood on the Vertov Group

From May/June 1977: Godard’s Numéro Deux and fellow Cahiers du Cinéma critic Jean-Louis Camolli’s La Cecilia by Robin Wood

From May/June 1981: Six Times Two/On and Under Communication and France/Tour/Detour/Two/Children by Gilbert Adair

From November/December 1987: Godard's jeans commercials for Girbaud by H.A. Rodchenko

From May/June 1988: on the omnibus opera film, Aria by Michael Walsh

From March/April 1995: after declining to accept a Special Award from the New York Film Critics Circle, Godard provides a short-list of grievances against the film industry

From March/April 1996: Nouvelle Vague, Hélas pour moi, JLG/JLG, and Histoire(s) du cinéma by Armond White

From March/April 1996: an extensive interview with Godard by Gavin Smith

From September/October 1998: interview with Godard on his Nineties works and concerns by Jonathan Rosenbaum

From September/October 2000: on the audio track release of Histoire(s) du cinéma by Kent Jones

From November/December 2001: on the cacophony of images and sounds in Godard’s In Praise of Love by Chris Norris

From January/February 2002: review of In Praise of Love by Amy Taubin

From January/February 2002: In Praise of Love-era interview with Godard by Jean-Yves Gaillac, Tissy Morgue, and Jean-Philippe Guerand

From January/February 2002: analysis of Godard as visual stylist and philosopher by Kent Jones

From July/August 2002: Godard’s return to the freeze-frame and theories on montage by Serge Daney

From September/October 2003: on Godard’s mixed-media video essay Liberty and Homeland by Frédéric Bonnaud

From January/February 2004: review of Colin McCabe’s biography of Godard by J. Hoberman

From January/February 2005: on the art of reading Godard analytically by Richard Combs and Raymond Durgnat

From January/February 2005: a behind-the-scenes portrait of Godard on the set of Notre musique by Frédéric Bonnaud

From July/August 2006: on Godard’s installation for the Pompidou Center by Amy Taubin

From May/June 2010: tracing Breathless back to its origins by Geoffrey O’Brien

From September/October 2010: Godard takes on digital media in Film Socialisme by Amy Taubin

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