Digital Anthology: Hong Kong Cinema


Over 100 pages of interviews and profiles of key directors and stars.

From September/October 1983: Ann Hui’s Boat People by Harlan Kennedy

From November/December 1987: two views of the Toronto Film Festival by David Chute and Pat Aufderheide

From May/June 1988: a special midsection on Hong Kong Cinema
Editor’s note by David Chute
Industry overview by John Powers
Jackie Chan by Dave Kehr
Tam Ka-Ming’s The Sword by Dave Chute
Tsui Hark and Nansun Shi interview by Pat Aufderheide
A day in the life of Chow Yun-fat by Michael Singer
Hong Kong ghost movies by David Edelstein
Kwan Kam Pang’s Rouge by Dave Chute
The rise of the Hong Kong film industry after World War II by Paul Fonoroff

From September/October 1993: John Woo interview and profile by Maitland McDonagh

From January/February 1996: Wong Kar Wai profile by Chuck Stephens

From May/June 1996: Stanley Kwan profile by Michael Atkinson

From September/October 1996: Brigitte Lin profile by Howard Hampton

From July/August 1997: Tsui Hark/Ching Siu-tung profile by Howard Hampton

From July/August 1997: how the Hong Kong film industry prepared for the Mainland China takeover by Bérénice Reynaud

From September/October 1997: Tsui Hark responds to Howard Hampton's article

From November/December 2000: Hong Kong Journal by Stephen Teo

From May/June 2001: Tsui Hark's Time and Tide by David Chute

From September/October 2004: Hong Kong Journal by Li Cheuk-to

From September/October 2004: Modern Films distribution company by Olaf Möller

From September/October 2004: the Shaw Brothers profiled by Chuck Stephens

From March/April 2005: Stephen Chow's Kung Fu Hustle reviewed by Sam Ho

From May/June 2005: Chor Yuen's work with the Shaw Brothers by David Chute

From November/December 2005: Chor Yuen's Cantonese-language films by Olaf Möller

From May/June 2007: Cheang Pou-soi profiled by Olaf Möller

From March/April 2008: Patrick Tam's After This Our Exile by Olaf Möller

From July/August 2010: Patrick Lung Kong profiled by Olaf Möller

From July/August 2013: Jonnie To’s Drug War reviewed by Steve Erickson

From March/April 2014: Stephen Chow’s Journey to the West by Grady Hendrix

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