Best of the Nineties - Print


We’ve collected some of our best issues from the 1990s into an affordable package for fans, and people who just wish they lived through the decade. Highlights from individual issues below.

May/June 1991: Mike Nichols interview, Wendell B. Harris Jr. and Chameleon StreetThe DoorsBernardo Bertolucci

November/December 1991: on the Set of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With MeThe Wages of Fear, Diary of Country Priest, the Yiddish sound film, against Dances With Wolves

January/February 1992: Naked Lunch, Barton Fink, Seijun Suzuki, Frank Capra obituary, Warren Beatty interviewed, Orson Welles's lost films

March/April 1992: Gregory Peck, Jon Jost, Cecil and William deMille, Bertrand Tavernier interview, Paul Schrader on Light Sleeper

March/April 1994: Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List, Robert Altman, The Blue Angel

May/June 1995: Shirley MacLaine, Ingmar Bergman, Peter Jackson, Lon Cheney

November/December 1998: Douglas Sirk, Hayao Miyazaki, Philippine cinema, Sadie Benning interview

May/June 1999: Robert Bresson symposium (including Molly Haskell on Au hasard Balthazar), eXistenZ, Tehran Film Festival, Go

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