March/April 2009

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Cover Story: Tom Hanks by Richard Schickel

Adventureland by Mark Olsen
Treeless Mountain by Kristin M. Jones
Hunger by Graham Fuller
24 City by Andrew Chan (interview w/dir. Jia Zhangke)
Robert Mulligan and The Stalking Moon by Kent Jones
Satyajit Ray by Nicolas Rapold
34th Annual Grosses Gloss by Alec Harvey and Donald Wilson

Encore: The Friends of Eddie Coyle by Geoffrey O’Brien

First Look: Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench by Amy Taubin

Sound & Vision: Andy Warhol by Chris Chang & Dan Graham by Jim Supanick

Journal: current state of French Cinema by Elisabeth Lequeret

Festivals: Sundance by Laura Kern and Rob Nelson; Rotterdam by Gavin Smith

Screenings: Summer Hours by Frédéric Bonnaud; I Love You, Man by Paul Brunick; Sugar by Nicole Armour; Tokyo Sonata by Genevieve Yue; Julia by Nathan Lee

Short Takes: The Education of Charlie Banks by Nicolas Rapold, Every Little Step by Michael Koresky, Goodbye Solo by Nicolas Rapold, Sin Nombre by Chris Chang, Tokyo! By Nicolas Rapold, 12 by Nicolas Rapold

Readings: Kevin Canfield on The Night of the Hunter: A Biography of a Film

Home Movies: Treasures IV: American Avant-Garde Film, 1947-1986 by Patrick Friel

Hot Property: Louise-Michel by Chris Chang

Alex Cox’s 1,000 Ways to Die: Gianfranco Baldanello’s Black Jack

Site Specifics: Paul Fileri on indieWIRE and

The Trivial Top 20: Best Films Directed by Actors

Plus our 2008 Readers’ Poll

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