January/February 2009

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Cover Story: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by Amy Taubin

Valkyrie by Bob Strauss
James Benning’s RR by Kent Jones
Silent Light By José Teodoro
Documentary Interviews by Irina Leimbacher
Tyson director James Toback interviewed by Quentin Tarantino
Alan Zweig by Rob Nelson

Final Cut 2008

Best Films of the Year poll/10 Best Lists/Movies That Mattered/Terra Incognita/ Westerns: The Eternally Recurring Genre by Richard Combs

Olaf’s World: Paolo Benvenuti by Olaf Möller

Encore: The Killing of Sister George by Melissa Anderson

Sound & Vision: Francis Thompson’s N.Y., N.Y. by Philip Brophy & Kevin and Jennifer McCoy by Chris Chang

Brief Encounters: Peter Greenaway

Screenings: The Class by Amy Taubin, Revanche by Nicolas Rapold, The Tiger’s Tail by Margaret Burton-Fumo, Gran Torino by Harlan Jacobson, Gomorrah by Genevieve Yue, The Wrestler by Nathan Lee

Short Takes: Defiance by Nicolas Rapold, Just Another Love Story by Laura Kern, Of Time and the City by Nicolas Rapold, The Sky Turns by Nicolas Rapold, Two Lovers by Laura Kern, The Unborn by Laura Kern

Readings: The Moguls and the Dictators by J. Hoberman

Home Movies: Murnau, Borzage and Fox by Mark McElhatten

Hot Property: Unrelated by Chris Chang

Alex Cox’s 1,000 Ways to Die: Carl Foreman’s The Victors

Site Specifics: Paul Fileri on The Auteurs

The Trivial Top 20: Best Acting Performances by Directors

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